Summer Girl is for Sale!

AfHunter 33.5 Sailboatter two exciting years putting miles under the keel and entertaining friends and family onboard, we have put our Summer Girl up for sale.    We have already purchased a Hunter 420 Passage as her replacement as we get closer to heading out to the islands.  Summer Girl is a superb example of a Hunter 335 and we have put quite a bit of TLC into her.  If you are interested, please contact Rick Weiler at Little Yacht Sales.  Rick is a superb and knowledgeable broker and will provide excellent assistance and information on our boat.  Our listing at Little Yacht Sales:

1994 Hunter 335 For Sale

Betty’s Legacy

It fascinates me to stroll through the marina and look at boats. I look at each boat and dream about what its like to use that model and type — power, sail, fishing, trawler, etc.

S/V Endless Summer

All the boats have some history that can be uncovered if I ever were to talk with the owner.  Should I inquire further and maybe knock on the hull?  Nope.  I’ll be Walter Mitty and enjoy the different scenarios every time I loiter at a boat.

Old boats, now languishing in their slip, once had their day cruising to exotic tropical destinations. It’s always tropical for me since I love the sun, sand, and beach with the gentle rustling of palm trees.  I wonder if they will ever see the glory days again after a refit by a young couple with a dream. I imagine the hull glistening white again and gently cutting through swells in blue water.
The boat name speaks to me.  Each time it’s differ
ent.  The owner may give it a business name like “Big Money” and I wonder if the guy ever relaxes. It might be a name like “Knot on Call” and I speculate
that a doctor owns it. Then I find one that bring me to a halt: “Betty’s Legacy”.

When a boat is named “Betty’s Legacy”, I wonder if the owner lost his wife tragically. Possibly she was his high school sweet heart. Possibly she was a wife of 30 years that doted over their 3 children. I imagine many scenarios of life long love followed by a sad passing of his mate.  What will he do next? Did the boat keep him from being lonely without her? I conclude that the boat acted as a distraction from grief but never cured it. The boat only allowed him to pass time until they meet again.

I see others walking the dock and slowly passing boats. Do they have this same ritual?  I imagine they do.


Let Someone Else Do It

Cruiseair Marine A/C
A/C needing a water pump replacement – I fixed it 🙂

If you’re like me, you’ve read the blogs and forums endlessly.  The common thread is you MUST install and fix every single piece of kit on your boat or you will perish at sea.  In my opinion, this is bad advice. 

For years I struggled to get time to work on my other boat — a project boat.  I could have hired out the work a piece at a time and been sailing years ago.   What I did learn from doing everything myself?  I didn’t know how to do it and typically had to repeat the work multiple times to get it “right”.

In the case where you let a respected pro do the install, you can learn how it should be done. After the install is complete you can learn the system and maintain it.  The initial install is not a requirement.  Learning properly installed systems is the requirement.  

Don’t be afraid to to let a pro take care of what they do best.  



We did it!!

We did it! We actually did it!! We bought another boat. We are now the proud owners of S/V Summer Girl. We moved her from the brokerage on Friday to her temporary slip – 3 slips down from our old boat. David had asked me where we were going first and I said “out of the slip” so Saturday morning we hit up West Marine (where we found all kinds of fun stuff on clearance).

After our little shopping spree we took sandwich stuff to the boat where our daughter and her boyfriend met us there. I got most of the kitchen stuff put up and the cabinets stocked with the basics. After lunch we took her out of the slip and headed into the bay. There are still some things that need to be fixed so we didn’t plan to sail her very hard.

The wind was blowing out of the east at about 20 kts and it was a bit chilly. I got to use my new foul weather pants and they were really nice. Once out in the bay we put up the head sail and spent the next hour enjoying the sound of the water against the hull. It was so nice to be able to leave the slip and get back out on the water.

We came back in after a couple of hours and 9 NM. Like I said before there are  still some things that need to be fixed so we didn’t want to push it…. but man it was nice!! I am soooooo looking forward to getting out on the water again.

Live and Love,


We bought a boat!

On Wednesday this week, we will take possession of our new used boat. It’s a 1994 Hunter 33.5.  Cindy and I are so happy to have found her.

I really like the layout of this boat.   It’s well organized on deck and very livable inside — even for me who’s 6′ 7″!

1994 Hunter 33.5 layout
Hunter 33.5 layout

We plan on taking her out a few times in the coming weeks before we put her into the ship yard for some maintenance and a few upgrades.

A few items on our list for the yard time will be:

  • restitch the cover on the jib
  • step the mast and install new wind instruments
  • add a new autopilot
  • replace the compression post
  • bottom job

That should leave the cruising kitty about empty for now.


Sailing our new Hunter 33.5 in Galveston bay
Sailing our new Hunter 33.5 in Galveston bay

Survey and Sea Trial — Hunter 33.5

Yesterday we had the boat surveyed and took her out for a sea trial.  It was a bitterly cold day by Texas standards but everyone made the best of it and we were even treated to sunshine during the sea trial.

Hunter 33.5 in the slings at the ship yard
Hunter 33.5 in the slings at the ship yard

Lou Stahlberg of did the survey.  He really did a thorough job and provide the detailed insight that any buyer would want.  I would highly recommend him for your survey needs.

After the survey, we did a haul out, inspected the bottom, and splashed her in short order.  Nothing of note was was found.

The sea trial went well and we were able to put out all the sail and put her rail in the water.  She is quite a nice boat under sail.

Here’s the day in 60 seconds…

Buying a boat?

In 2005 we bought a project boat — a 1974 Columbia 34.  After 8 years or blood, sweat, and tears, we are ready to pass it on to someone else that can love and cherish her.

Now is when the fun starts.  Searching for the next sailboat.

It didn’t take long for us to find what we think is an excellent candidate for the next boat.  We found a 1994 Hunter 33.5 at Little Yacht Sales in Kemah with the help and guidance of Rick Weiler.

Hunter 33.5
1994 Hunter 33.5

Wednesday we will have a full survey, quick haul, and sea trial.  Pending the outcome of this day, we will complete the purchase or renegotiate as the case may be.

Stay tuned.

Life aboard a small boat